The 8-week Course

Most courses run for nine weeks with the first session being an orientation. This is followed by eight 2.5-hour sessions weekly. Each session teaches new skills and offers a deepening into those already learned, so it is best to try to arrange to attend all of them. Discussion in both small and large groups allows exploration of your experience and difficulties. The course also includes a full day of practice one weekend.

Three practice downloads and a workbook are provided for you to use at home. This home-practice is an integral part of the course as it enables you to establish the skills that you are learning as part of your daily life. It takes approximately one hour daily so it can be challenging to fit it into your schedule but a gentle and patient commitment to it is essential to get the most out of the course. The instructor will be available by email to discuss any difficulties that arise as part of your practice.

Professional Training Courses

One or two day introductory courses can be run for professional groups.